Captains Info

Captains meeting

  • We usually have a Captains Meeting.
    Check the Welcome Page to see if we are having one this year.
    Otherwise, just check out the procedures below.
    In the past, Captains meetings were used to discuss safety and procedures.
    Those topics are discussed below.
    This is also where Boat Numbers were handed out.
    If you have any questions or concerns, please contact this year’s Coordinator via the Contacts page.

Parade Procedures

  • Place the numbers on your boat where judges can see them (Starboard side).
  • All boats will meet by 5:30 PM in Highland Bayou in front of 159A Tarpon (near the Railroad Bridge).
  • Please swing by the dock at 159A for pictures and to check boat numbers.
  • Just before 6 PM, boats should begin getting in line behind the lead boat.
  • NOTE- Boats DO NOT need to be lined up by their number. Just line up.
  • At 6 PM, 3 air horn blasts (or something) will signal the start, at which time the lead boat will make its way to the starting canal.
  • As always, boats will enter each canal on the Right (Starboard) side.
  • Be on the lookout for underwater lights, diving boards, and other objects.
  • Travel a little faster than normal down the canals but keep wakes reasonable.
  • Travel down to the end of each canal even if you do not see any lights up. We always have some folks with no lights on, but still have kids on the dock. They are very disappointed if we do not get to them.
  • You are encouraged to throw candy or beads to the crowds. Some tips include pre-bagging some candy in small bags for more weight and float ability. Be sure and bring enough and ration it wisely.
  • Most year’s we have an after party. These are always fun. We meet by boat, car or golf cart. Trophies, food, fun, music, and more. All boaters and donors are welcome. 2023 after party: TBD
  • SAFETY is our first concern. Do NOT follow behind a boat too closely. Beware of the scenario where the boat in front of you loses it’s generator and suddenly has no lights. You need to have time to avoid this common situation.


2006 - Bobby Maclin. Another great year.
2006 – Bobby Maclin. Another great year.
2002 - Chris and Jenny Cotter making the show.
2002 – Chris and Jenny Cotter making the show.
2002 - Chris and Jenny Cotter accepting their award.
2002 – Chris and Jenny Cotter accepting their award.